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Rina Sawayama - Tunnel Vision

[Intro: Rina Sawayama]

[Verse 1: Rina Sawayama]
You tell me what's wrong with you
But I don't really care
There's certainly something we've messed up
But it's late to share
I know you're sad and lonely
But I got one hundred tabs
Open in my mind but closed for business
Just so you're aware

[Chorus: Rina Sawayama]
Tunnel vision madness
Notification happiness
Spinning plates
Relationships going down the drain

[Verse 2: Shamir]
Emotions are too much for me
So I spread my love through likes
I didn't even leave my house last week
But I know what you did last night
My fingers going numb as I search for a piece of mind
But all the time just gets ahead of me
And I sleep with the daylight

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