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Rina Sawayama - Cyber Stockholm Syndrome

[Verse 1]
Girl in the corner
Stirring her soda
Biting the shit out of her straw
Ready to go out
Only her body tells her no
Pretty but sad inside
Isn't she beautiful?
Queen of the ball
Even when she's home alone

And she said
I'm not here for love tonight
The way you touch just don't feel right
Used to feelin' things so cold
Minimizin' windows
Pictures lit by electric lights
Fiction, fact, boundaries collide
Find me in my palm so bright
Cyber Stockholm Syndrome

[Chorus 1]
Came here on my own
Party on my phone
Came here on my own
But I start to feel alone
Better late than never, so I'll be alright
Happiest whenever I'm with you online

“Cyber Stockholm Syndrome” is a single from Sawayama’s debut EP "RINA", and was released on March 23, 2017. In an email to The FADER, Rina explained: ""Cyber Stockholm Syndrome" is happy and sad, honest and autobiographical, and I feel like I’ve truly written from the heart from the first time. It took two years of rewriting and revising as I wrestled with the beauty and anxiety of digital life. Before, I saw the internet as a captor of our time and free will. But now, I see embracing a positive relationship with our online selves as an act of self-preservation and defiance. In this age, the digital world can offer vital support networks, voices of solidarity, refuge, escape. Marginalised people or socially anxious people like myself can, in fact, be freed. That’s what ‘Cyber Stockholm Syndrome’ is about: pessimism, optimism, anxiety, and freedom.” ”It’s a journey about how the internet makes me feel and how it relates to joy in a different way. And then, at the end, just being OK with the fact that things are always going to be a little bit shit.” – Rina to FADER

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