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Rina Sawayama - Cherry

Hello, can I speak to...
Oh, never mind
So won't you? Will you be my cherry?
So come on talk to me, talk to me
Will you, will you be mine?
1, 2, 3, let's go

[Verse 1]
Down the subway, you looked my way
With your girl gaze, with your girl gaze
That was the day everything changed
Couldn't stay the same
Now it's Tuesday and I'm thinking
'Bout to tuck in, 'bout to tuck in
Telling myself that it's cheating
But it's something else

Even though I'm satisfied
I lead my life within a lie
Holding onto feelings
I'm not used to feeling
'Cause, oh, they make me feel alive

[Verse 2]
When they tell you that you've got to stay the same
Even though you're not yourself
And you've got somebody else
When they tell you that you've got yourself to blame
Even though it's not your fault
But your heart just wants to know, know

“Cherry” is Rina Sawayama’s proud proclaimation of her identity as pansexual. She talks about her day-to-day experience as a pansexual person, as well as the struggles that come with it. Ultimately this is a song that encourages listeners to be expressive about who they love and is a commentary on the lack of representation for pansexual people in music.

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