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Rich The Kid - Splashin

I'm havin' dumb money

Ayy, we can fuck lil' mama, I can't lip lock (I can't what?)
Gucci, spent a hunnid on some new socks (New socks)
Coulda bought a crib, bought a drop top (Skrrt, skrrt)
I can't love a bitch, trust no thot (No thot)
Never bring a freak to your spot (Woo)
Dolce and Gabbana on my flip flops
I don't do no relaxing (Relaxing)
Run up the bag, get the cash in (Racks)
Fendi, am I drippin' or I'm splashin' (Or splashin')
12, they can't catch me when I'm passin' (Skrrt)
How you got a check and went broke again? (Went broke again)
Bitches wanting clout and I ain't kissin' 'em (I ain't kissin' 'em)
Since I first got them hundreds, I've been flippin' 'em (Flippin' 'em)

[Verse 1]
Off-White with the Gucci, I might mitch match (I might mitch match)
When I fuck her, you can get your bitch back (Get your bitch back)
What the hell she was thinking? I can't kiss that (Why the hell?)
Why she ask me where the hell I got my wrist at? (Got my wrist at)
Why the hell a hundred-thousand in my backpack? (In my backpack)
Why these bitches think that we can come in contact? (Come in contact)
This is my drank, this ain't cognac (This ain't cognac)
You ain't get a milli, why you sign that? (Why you sign that?)
She wanna fuck, I decline that (Decline!)
Look at my bitch, she a dimebag (Bitch!)
Look at my pinky, it's a waterslide (It's a waterslide)
Rich Forever, come and see the money side (Rich!)