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Rich The Kid - Lost It (feat. Quavo and Offset)

[Intro: Rich The Kid]
Metro be boomin'

[Chorus: Rich The Kid]
The coupe is retarded (Skrrt)
Louis my carpet (Carpet)
Don't gotta start it (Huh)
I'm back on that boss shit (What, back on that, back on that)
She boujee, she bossy (Bossy)
The top, I done lost it (I lost it)
The Bentley don't cost shit (Skrrt, skrrt)
I walk out the bank rich (Walk out the, walk out the, walk out the)
Okay, drank sippin', lane switchin'
I done brought my gang with me (My gang)
Fresh out the freezer, my ice drippin' (Ice)
Money coming in, my life different (My life)
Ooh, I might snatch that coupe
Ooh, yo bitch fuck, she cute
I put the gang on my chain too (Gang)
They going out sad that's nothing new

[Verse 1: Rich The Kid]
They going out bad, the sad way (Huh)
I put the cash on three way (Racks)
Rich nigga drop a baby in a ho face (Ho face)
Where the hell was you at on the broke days? (Whoa)
Ooh, yeah
I got the birds like Falcons (Like Falcons)
She can't get a bag, she pouting (She pouting)
I racked up the money, a mountain (Racks)
The drip is water, a fountain (Drip, drip)
Streets on lock, all of my niggas still whip the pot (Whip it)
No time for the pussy, just want the top
Was trappin' at fishes and chicken spot
Ooh, trap game amazing (Amazing)
I plug walk and they pay me (Plug)
Got the bad bitches going crazy (Going crazy)
Stir fry, I'ma whip up a baby (Whip)
Came in this bitch with the gang (Gang)
Too many diamonds, my chain (Chain)
Lil' bitch want a ring (A ring)
Fuck her once, make her sing
Ooh, might peek at her phone if she don't act right (Act right)
Can't open the door, the coupe is retarded (Skrrt)
He cannot afford it (Afford it)
The latest designer, already done bought it (I bought it)
Gang with me, none of you niggas can hang with me (Nah)
Cuban link, cost a buck 50 (Buck 50)
Told the money, "Bitch you stuck with me" (Rich)