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Redveil - Campbell

Uh, yeah

[Verse 1]
I plant the seeds and watch 'em bloom, get off my dick for jeez sake
How my niggas goin' up? They prayin' till they knees ache
I'm eatin' all this chicken soup, I fill my stomach 'til I can't
We ball, you tryna take them threes, we take this shit straight to the paint
We up by twenty, come and take it from us, you not gon' take it from us
Grip to death like guillotine, I know I'm not gon' fumble
Plenty habits I done crushed, I kicked that shit off to the rubble
No more pity for me, nigga, we gon' get it off the muscle, you dig?

Yeah, you dig?
Yeah, yeah, we gon' get it off thе--
Yeah (You dig?), uh, yeah, yeah, yеah
Look, I said

[Verse 2]
They gravitatin' 'cause I got a knack
I'm up on they neck 'til I got me a plaque (Plaque)
We eatin' good, I run up a sack
I'm spendin' this shit 'cause I'm gettin' it back (Back, yeah)
Up off of generosity, I'm lit
Still hit up Brian to take me a flick
I still need it home grown
Nigga, I done been workin' for so long
Gotta kick brodie out, tryna prolong my dreams
Got my foot on the gas, see the high beams
Wu-Tang with the cheese, I need all the cream
Customize fits, bro, these my seams
Changed my life when I looked at the fine things
All that gloomy shit ended, we shining
Yeah, look (Shining)
All that, nigga

"Campbell" is the opening track to redveil's second studio album "Niagara". The song samples "Treat You Right" by Rayfield Reid & the Magnificents.

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