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Raised Fist - Ready to Defy

[Verse 1]
Can I rescue you one day?
Don't stay, you are afraid everyday
Violence on its way, not okay
Hip hip hurray, birthday mom and daddy is drunk a replay

Don't lie
No one can justify
I simply don't qualify
We're on standby
Nuclear power, not nearby, but close enough to hear you cry
Top of the morning, coffee with antidepressants
Silence around the table, no presence
Forgiven again, before you finish a sentence

You look at them both and imagine them headless
You feel for them, but you also feel depressed
You look at them all and imagine them headless
Losing yourself, cause you will never forget

[Chorus] [x2]
I might do or say something unauthorized, all your worst fears summarized
This time I'm saying good bye, I'm ready to defy

[Verse 2]
Someone outside decided to start a fight
Something is wrong inside, I'm walking around like dynamite
Had no sleep tonight
I feel dizzy, I feel terrified

You need a shoulder to lean on, not someone throwing more gasoline on
The fire already burning heavily inside
Ready to defy

[Bridge] [x2]
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