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Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Polite Company

She's the edge between the sacred and profane
And means at least one other language you would never speak in Polite Company
She's a dancer, lone riddle in the answer
She auditioned for Romantics
But no calls from the right company

She'll never love the way you need her to, darlin'
You'll never lift her at all
She only wants the man she thinks is you, darlin'
You'll only take her if you think you could lose
So what if I don't find you, take you back?
I only want what I can't have
If you love me, give me nothing
Polite Company

We're the dance among the drunklegs, a contest between
Untied lace, pop-shoegaze, and 808 Heartbreak
We both caught the pace of two hearts, offbeat

What will hold you when the dance is through?
Put your back against the wall
Follow syncopated water fountain conversation
Making love inside a crayon covered bathroom stall
What if I don't find you, take you there?
I only want what I can't have
If you love me, give me nothing
Some simple math
Two I can add
I ain't writing it down
I remember now what you came for, where your aim is
Maintain it
Try to burn the right glow
I'll be on my way out
I'll be over soon
Sober later
Fire that only I'd know
You've been on my Radar
Are you lonely too?
'Cause your coast is clear to get a hold on me

She's the edge between the cadence of my name
And on these walls another language we would never speak
In Polite Company

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