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Rainbow Kitten Surprise - First Class

[Verse 1]
Say we'll get married on a porch in Vegas
We can get hitched and have a couple of kids
And none of them will look at all like us
And our neighbors all will be a bit too much
And you'll live out in the desert with a man you never loved

Is this it?
What you want?
What you wanted?
Do you need love?
Am I enough for you?
In time you'll find I've got my baggage too

[Verse 2]
Say we'll get famous and we'll die with our names
In every paper, every news report as any consolation
To the people that you love and all the people that you hate
But will love you all the same because you're beautiful
Say you didn't see it, that I saw right through you
Say you didn't mean it that I mean nothing to you
Like you said
Do you believe me?
That I'll be right for you
Say you love me like you used to

[Verse 3]
We were born splaying in the wreckage
Tearing down on birds with stones
I bore my weight upon your shoulders
Water as warm as morning suns
I don't think quite like I used to
I got a bed to call my own
I see stars and painted lies
Broken glass upon your road
Now I'm driving home too soon

Woah, woah
Say you love me like you used to

And we'll vacation first class
I'm breaking your fall
You're breaking my ass
You're working all day
Hating on all the bitches at work
You say you're okay
You're faking, fucked up
You're drinking all day, you give me a cup
And I'll be damned if we can make it out of this alive, baby
I say I'll be damned if we can make it out of this alive

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