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Ra Ra Riot - Bad To Worse

[Verse 1]
I took the truck up to Boston
Don't make it up there too often
High beams on, it starts to pour
Radio loud, I-84
Got the crew back together
It feels like it's been forever
But after a drink, they left the bar
What'd you expect? They know how we are

'Cause I know it goes bad to worse, you said it first
It's hopeless, we can't lift that curse
'Cause we both know we ain't got self-control
And I'll always come when you bang on my door

[Verse 2]
So I stayed overnight
But I got going at first light
I left a note, "Happy New Year"
Under an empty bottle of beer
And drove straight back to work
My head still throbbing, my throat sore
But when I got home and opened the door
I wasn't surprised to see your bag on the floor

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