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[Intro: Hi-C]
(Heaven or Hell, let's rock)
yung hi c in this ice, nigga (Hello, bitch ass)
Blood Rain fuckin' Boys, man
All these niggas tryna steal my fucking swag and shit, nigga (Hello)
I see y'all fuck niggas, man
Run up on y'all fuck niggas, man (Hello, bitch, bitch)
Stepping on necks, bitch (Bitch)

[Verse 1: Hi-C]
Nigga want war, I feel like Kratos
Futuristic handgun just like Halo
Put a hole in his head like a bagel
Foreign whips, nigga, I feel like J Lo
Spin a blunt, nigga, just like tornado
She pop a Skittle, now she taste the rainbow
Demon nigga pourin' blood in a Faygo
You want a pint, got hit with the Karo
Her face is like Stitch, my bitch look like Lilo
Fuckin' this bitch while you watch through the peephole
Run off on that nigga just like Ochocinco
Damn, now I gotta lay low
Cast a spell, slide in a Range Rover
Gotta die rich, I need them bankrolls
Cannot die broke, I need them pesos
Cast a love spell, she do what I say so
Stuck on my dick, bitch, l'eggo my eggo
Fuck on her friend, now I'm a a-hole
She sniffing K 'til she in the k-hole
Pouring up drank, RIP Fredo
Married the money, now my pockets preggo
My pockets preggo just like Juno
I got the juice, tell me something I don't know
Fucked on his bitch and he still don't know
She in my DM's, that's why he mad at her
Pull up in Hellcat, not a Challenger
Chop a nigga up just like Soulcalibur
Pouring up drank until my stomach burst
[Interlude: Hi-C & Diamondsonmydick]
Yeah, Hi-C in this bitch
Reptilian Club Boyz, man (What?)
Blood Rain Boys, bitch (What? Ayy)

[Verse 2: Diamondsonmydick]
Vampire Gang, pouring blood in my double cup
Fuck that lil' bitch, she don't get no love
True jeans filled up with the blue bucks
These niggas pussy just like Ladybug
[?] I'm in her mouth like gold slugs
Talking shit, see me in person, don't do nothing
Count up the blood, I'm 'bout to pour up
Keep blowing my high, bitch, get the fuck off (おかえり)
Cast a love spell, hit your bitch from the side
Say you want smoke, nigga, why you ain't slide?
I wish you would try, get shot in your eye
Skinny nigga but this strap's on the side
I'm the first nigga you met and I'm taxing
With the gang chilling out in Manhattan
You know that you pussy, nigga, stop acting
Mini chopper break him down like a fraction
Cuffing that bitch, I know she a ho
Cast a love spell, now she suckin' me slow
Pull up pouring a four
Kick down your door, letting it go
Shoot that nigga, watch his soul leave his body
I don't need a strap, beat his ass like Baki
Taking souls, nigga, that is my hobby
Sacrifice 'em then pull up in a foreign
Sipping blood, nigga, this is not 'Korn
Getting top from your bitch while I'm recording
Pew, pew, I got smoke like a Suorin
Just took a Xan', I'll see you in the morningYou might also like