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Quasimoto - Discipline 99 Pt. 1

[Verse 1: Quasimoto]
It's Lord Quas with the pack up on it
Got a crew up in the bay that's always dropping components
When you're stuck in highway one
We jump the gun and try to get the Mass Appeal
While you're faking for your deal

[Verse 2: Wildchild]
LP's, that's the MC to raise the roof
Its not a promo
So wheres the photo of Quasimoto
Hes looking in the back ready to attack wack MCs with peanut butter.. wolf
Who drops the beats that make you stutter
I jump up on the spot like Dominique Wilkins when he be hot
Come at you unexpected like Gary Coleman
The scary soul man where freestyle flows every now and
No need for no blunts but I be clouding

(various samples)

[Verse 3: Quasimoto]
I got the lyrical stamina
Always programming a new type of Antidote in your perimeter
While you niggas just limit the styles you could be doing
Lord Quas keep the crowd from booing
Always stay true and everything I kick stick eternal
Leaving them crisp like an inferno
Y'all niggas ain't learn though
New songs to pound, its like I'm J-Bees
Relaxing on the scene plus I'm taxing smoking green
Quasimoto, we drop the natural ingredients
All over you greedy pimps, playa' haters
Niggas acting wild on the mic, need obedience
Y'all niggas running through like y'all nuts off to screw
I feed y'all niggas to the gators (And watch y'all gonna go?)
Its funny how y'all front like you niggas got money
But at the end of the day you stuck looking like dummies
While I hit ya' with Discipline 99
(various samples)


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