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Quando Rondo - Just Keep Going

Me equals you
I ain't worried 'bout it, you could do what you do

[Verse 1]
I said, all these damn hoes bring problems
They fuck with me 'cause I'm the trending topic
Money fold 'em so that what I call 'em
She only ridin' for the dollar in your pocket (For the bills)

A thousand dollars, swear to God that's all I need
I learned how to count up guala 'fore I could read
That pussy wet like the Pacific Ocean deep
I swear to God, she so terrific on her knees

And I just wanna know why it's so hard for them to realize
All this pain I'm going through and I'm speakin' on real life
I just wanna know why they don't notice all the love I'm showin'
I just wanna know why they don't notice that it's hard, but I just keep going, I just keep going

[Verse 2]
I'm getting so hungry for the meal, I'm on the block with utensils
Just to write a rap inside my cell, I had to steal a pen and pencil
Pay attention, watch how the game you get taught get used against you
Panoramic whip, I whip it off the lot, it's so expensive
Thirty shots in my extension, bitch, these Mike Amiri denims
If the rules ain't never break, you doin' wrong tryna bend 'em
I couldn't make 'em get a dollar, I only convinced them
I humble my emotions, them hitters, don't make me send 'em

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