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Pusha T - Santeria

[Verse 1: Pusha-T]
Now that the tears dry and the pain takes over
Let's talk this payola (Payola)
You killed God's baby when it wasn't his will
And blood spill, we can't talk this shit over (This shit over)
The Lord is my shepherd, I am not sheep
I am just a short stone's throw from the streets
I bring my offerin', I will not preach
Awaken my demons, you can hear that man screaming
I'm no different than the priest, priest
Santería (Santería, Santería, Santería)

[Verse 2: Pusha-T]
They say that death comes in threes, how appropriate ('Propriate)
Triple back, they rush in like Soviets (Soviets)
At the Kremlin
Searchin' for the green like a Gremlin, presidential emblem
Presidential tint on this shit that I am driven in (Woo!)
I just place orders and drop dollars
Rottweilers roam the grounds, the Glock hollers
The three of y'all too accessible
Seen all the wrong moves, watchin' The Untouchables
We don't do vegetables, niggas get flatlined
Welcome all beef, then we heat 'em with flat irons
Your plans are backfiring, think of double-crossin' a priest
Hail Mary, repeat after me

On “Santeria,” Push discusses the tragic murder of his friend and road manager De'Von “Day Day” Pickett. Santería—“The Way of the Saints”—is a Yaruba religion that uses mediums and divination to communicate to spirits and deities. To cope with the pain, Push speaks to the spirit of his friend De'Von sharing his battles of vengeance and distress over what sadly happened. Also, note that Pusha ironically dedicates the song “Santeria” to his manager whom Push described as always being in church.

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