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Pusha T - If You Know You Know

[Verse 1]
Pullin' up in that new toy
The wrist on that boy rockstar like Pink Floyd
Waving at rude boy, I'm wavin' at you, boy
Ran off on the plug too like Trugoy
Imagine me do-boy, you could never do what I do, boy
Still, duckin' shit that I did, boy
Niggas in Paris 'fore Hit-Boy
These ain't the same type of hits, boy
Shit can get litter than lit, boy
You don't take these type of risks, boy
'Cause this boy been throwin' that D like Rich Boy
You missed, boy; ya numbers don't add up on the blow
That was ten years ago – if you know, you know (Yeah)

If you know, you know
If you know, you know

[Verse 2]
This thing of ours, oh, this thing of ours
A fraternity of drug dealers ringin' off
I just happen to be alumni
Too legit, they still lookin' at me with one eye
The company I keep is not corporate enough
Child Rebel Soldier, you ain't orphan enough
A rapper turned trapper can't morph into us
But a trapper turned rapper can morph into Puff
Dance contest for the smokers
I predict snow, Al Roker
(If you know, you know)
I only ever looked up to Sosa
You all get a bird, this nigga Oprah

On the opening track of his 2018 album, DAYTONA, Pusha T touches on a subject that he has been talking about most of his career: crack/cocaine. King Push brags about how he is on top of the trap game. He was once a cocaine dealer after all. The phrase “If You Know You Know” relates to anyone who has gone down the similar path to the “Drug Dealing” lifestyle as Pusha T. The song is littered with references to the drug activities of Push and his associates, which in 2009 became the subject of a federal indictment and led to the imprisonment of at least seven of Push’s associates, including one-time Clipse manager Anthony “Tony” Gonzales, who was sentenced to 32 years in federal prison.

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