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Pusha T - Hard Piano

(feat. Rick Ross)

[Verse 1: Pusha-T]
Never trust a bitch who finds love in a camera
She will fuck you, then turn around and fuck a janitor
Set the parameters
You either with the pro ballers or the amateurs
I won't let you ruin my dreams or Harvey Weinstein the kid
Good morning, Matt Lauer, can I live?
Look at my new digs
The rooftop can host a paint and sip for like 40
The Warhols on my wall paint a war story
Had to find other ways to invest
Cause you rappers found every way to ruin Pateks
It's a nightmare, yeah
I'm too rare amongst all of this pink hair, ooh
Still do the Fred Astaire on a brick
Tap cap, throw the phone if you hear it click
Art Baselin' the bezel
Your bustdown is bust down and don't match the metal
Lower level's where you settle at
I'm the pot callin' the kettle black
Where there's no brick peddles at
Between God and where the Devil's at
Had to double dutch and double back
Then hopscotch through where the trouble's at
Exactly what the game's been missin'
This fire burns hot as Hell's Kitchen, Push

[Chorus: The World Famous Tony Williams & Rick Ross]
Now that's how the team go, I'm back from Santo Domingo
That's where the kings go, down in Santo Domingo
Now that's how the team go, back from Santo Domingo
This for the sneaker hoarders and coke snorters
Cause that's where the kings go, down in Santo Domingo
From Honda Accords to Grammy awards
That's where the kings go

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I can blow a million dollars into dust
Lord knows how many bottles I've done bust
Still runnin' through the models like I'm Puff
Confront my problems like I'm Ralo in the bluff
Pusha know these politics is paradox
Chillin' in a condo full of ready rock
My homie amputated but gon' stand for somethin'
I'm dyin' to find a way to get a Grammy from it (Maybach Music)
Watchin' my success for some is bittersweet
Always keep the sharpshooter's triggers tweaked
Diamonds drippin' on me, V in Tiffany's
All these K-9 units still sniffin' me
Ignorance versus the innocence
It's not the temperature for you in Timberlands
I keep the coldest flows on the hot seat
And you can spot my hoes by their car keys
Another episode full of atrocities
It's double M, baby, money monopolies (Maybach Music)
You scared to see my face in a fancy place
So I debate my case vs. a Nancy Grace
It's flesh and blood 'til I'm fresh as fuck
Still hands on, sucker, press your luck
Your money gone every other month
My money long so the treasure's tucked

[Chorus: The World Famous Tony Williams]
Now that's how the team go, I'm back in Santo Domingo
That's where the kings go, down in Santo Domingo
Now that's how the team go, back in Santo Domingo
Cause that's where the kings go, down in Santo Domingo
That's where the kings go

King Push is joined by Maybach Music’s lead MC, Rick Ross, to discuss the woes and blessings that come with success—all over Ye’s hard-tinged piano beat. The title of the song is a double entendre referencing the piano throughout the production and cocaine (piano keys; keys of cocaine) as well as ‘hard’ being one of the many names name for cocaine. Similar to their 2013 collaboration on Push’s “Hold On,” this song contains a reflective message from both emcees about their previous endeavors with selling cocaine, troubles with the law, and how they’ve arose to the top of the music industry. Production-wise, the “High as Apple Pie-Slice II” sample was famously sampled at the end of Madlib-character Quasimoto’s “Real Eyes.” Kanye has expressed his appreciation of Madlib before, so it’s not surprising that he played with a sample that Madlib has used in the past. The two producers have also worked together—“No More Parties in LA.”

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