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Pridelands - The Lake Of Twisted Limbs

There is a feeling I'm unfamiliar with
You say it's like you're sleeping in a lake of twisted limbs

So I reach out for you in the dark
Trying to echo-locate the beating of your heart

You try to shield me, but it's scrawled across your face
Say you can't reach me, as you turn and hideaway

I'm trying to help you breathe, but you're smothered underneath
All of the hurt and hidden bodies you don't dare speak of at all

The light, ever fleeting as it was
Coddled me into a frame no one could bear to touch
But I know that I can save you

Rеach out for you in the dark
Trying to echo-locate thе beating of your heart
Take my leave, I will follow you beyond
Trying to echo-locate and bring you back to us
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