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Powfu - Scars on My Heart

[Verse 1: Powfu]
I'm sick of loving, every time it's just a misconception
I find a girl and she lead me into a new dimension
Thinkin' 'bout the future, counting out all of our blessings
Then I find out it's all fake, and she leave me guessing
I guess I learned my lesson, I guess we're better ended
I wish I never gave my heart out, dummy should've kept it
Just like a piece of paper, she ripped my heart in half
I guess this kind of thing is something I won't ever have
But it's fine, soon I'll just get used to it
To keep my mind off of love, I'll just do stupid shit
I fell asleep, questioning is anyone for me
Laying on my back, using music as a remedy
Listening and writing all these sad songs
I'm, happy for a bit but doesn't last long
I'm tryna find the joy in all this chaos
Keep on praying for my future, hope it pays off
[Chorus: Powfu]
Broke my heart, you tore it in two (You tore it in two, yeah)
So why am I still thinking of you? (Why am I thinkin' of you?)

[Verse 2: SadBoyProlific]
Yo, lately it's fuck emotions, grab the dope and then I roll it
I've been tripping off the potent, honestly, I'm omnipotent
Used to think about our memories, I cleared them like my history
Wrote this in a grave to set the scene cause love is dead to me
Our love was one-sided, I know you ain't felt the same
I bet you relish the fact that I fucking felt this pain
You gave me comfort, you were like my shelter from the rain
Gripping the razor blade I swear I'd never love again
I'll keep that promise, trust me I won't break it
I ripped my heart out of my chest and chained it in the basement
Knockin' bottles till I'm wasted, clear to see I'm changing
Rather stick to blazin', and the dreams that I been chasing

[Chorus: Powfu]
Broke my heart, you tore it in two
So why am I still thinking of you? (I don't even know no more)

[Verse 3: Powfu]
I know hearts don't physically break, but my chest hurts
I can still smell her perfume on my sweatshirt
They say that time can heal, soon I'll feel better
But all that can heal this is if I never met her
Story never ends, if the story never starts
Take these sad feelings, tryna turn them into art
Paintbrush, light stroke, out all of my feelings
Spitting shit, typing quick, keep writing lyrics
Take the wheel, I can't see but keep steering
Moving on, kicking out my past demons
And I'm not walking, I'll be running from this torture
I see the light, do my best to move forward
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Broke my heart, you tore it in two
So why am I still thinking of you?

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