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Powfu - I Could Never Be Loved

I could never be loved
I could never be loved
I could never, could be loved

[Verse 1]
It's been like 3 months of no talking
Walking by myself, no more eyes to get lost in
Keep on looking back all the time I'll be honest
I hate being alone at least I got my conscience
Since you left me here, locked up in my room
Writing all these songs
Wake up every morning
And turn my computer on
Because how else do I deal
With these thoughts of you and me?
I was on the clouds
Now I'm spiraling into the sea
I wrote a message for you
But I couldn’t send it, I regret it yuh
I'm sorry I’m pathetic
What's this? caught a sickness
And won’t be getting better
The sun might be shining
But it feels like rainy weather

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