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[Intro: SosMula]
MTM, hit 'em with the heat

[Verse 1: SosMula & ZillaKami]
Bitch, I'm spittin' side to side
Turn this shit to genocide
Draco like it's Soulja Boy
Shootin' like a Polaroid
Bulletproof shower cap
For this Super Soaker toy
Walkin' on the water, nigga
Call me young Jehovah, boy
I think you next up, probably get your head bust
I think you next up, probably get your head bust
Got my twin shorty and
Her and her friend snortin' dick
Needle in your arm, bitch, like you're Jim Morrison
[Verse 2: ZillaKami]
My cauldron bubbles be gone
With knives as big as King Kong (Okay)
I walk around like I am holy but the gates want me gone
A phone no signal, can't call
A gun nobody can draw
I wanna sleep, but rest is where the Reaper sees all
Okay, now icepick inside you, hit organs and vitals
I take it out then go to school, continue the cycle
The blood flow like geysers, fall down to the fire
I take it out then go to work, continue the cycle (Godzilla)

[Verse 3: Pouya]
Zilla got the SK and Mula got the AK
And Baby Bone creeping about the cut with the grenade
Launcher, all of these rappers jump on my dick like they wanna get taken for dinner
You faggots ain't ready for what we deliver
Pull up with the trigger, they leave you for dead
Demons surround me, don't wanna leave my head
Fuckin' these bitches, gettin' left on read
Suicidal, never really wanna leave my bed
I just want to swallow lead
I'm thinkin' about the end today
I wanna see Peep and X today
I wanna grow wings and horns and die
And ride the horse and fly away
You might also like[Outro: RAMIREZ]
Yeah, bitch, it's Slickback Silverback coming through to let you know
City Morgue and Baby Bone coming through with a fat dick to fuck your ass with, bitch

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