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Poundz - The End.

Someone needs to promote me to a new league man
This one was easy
I beg you stop barking in your videos like a dog
'Bout take you to the fucking pet hole

[Verse 1]
Little man run outta bars, and you soon might run outta luck
I got bruck-back spinners on deck, I rise this mash and beat these slugs
But I'm tryna have a music career, so I ain't tryna dead this skateboard punk
You ain't really gonna get a reply, so watch how I end this stupid cunt
Battyman yout get your eyebrows plucked
Homeless yout, disgraceful punk
Come get clothes you fucking charity
Half priced prick, you're way too bruck
Bando's tramp, you sleep on floors
Go get a wash and a damn shape up
Please don't talk 'bout counting five, you signed for free you stupid cunt
You ain't got a piece or a bludclart wap
You couldn't even buy new airforce ones
Your kicks are lean to the rasclart max
With that lip piercing, you are not my son
Piercing your eyebrows, that's not cute
Can't trust this yout 'round dicks and bums
How you gonna get ducked down by longs, and faint in the shop you fucking mug
Run outta breath, run outta breath
Your new names called sRun
Lemme ask you a brand new question, when did you splash Digga D you mug
You're a magnum nigga, magnum nigga
Claiming drills you ain't done
How's man spilling his juice and you claim that the magnum juice is blood?
Hah, funny, little, nerd
Real madman you don' wanna get burst
All of me bars them up like a dosh but can't chat shit
Pussyboy nah learn
Switch my flow then I bring it right back
You ain't from the 12, you're a reject girl
How could you play with your sister naked, I coulda sent you a bad B you jerk
Claim that you're beefing the 10, and they don't even know you exist
Don't ever try talk 'bout clout when you built your name on your uncles dick
Russ was your uncle, I was your dad, we both disown this prick
He really couldn't call you nephew, you was his niece with that lip piercing
If you gonna speak talk facts
Little nigga ain't on wass
You claim that you know my broski, he phone my phone like "who's this prat"
You don't wanna end up on a hit list
Devilish broski got my back
All the Bush elders on the wing said pattern up quick before they get you slapped
Crossed off blocks, you're a so called driller
You're a skinny head prick, you ain't done no drills
You're life's on the line, don't do it for the fame
No Fortnite ting, it's a fatal field
I can never ever be a Heath reject you dumb little fuck
Man bang for my bros it's real
Two bruck dotty's, and I show you 'bout spinners
Double tap that twice that's a target killed
Who is this skateboard yout, you're washed
Ripped up clothes and torn up socks
Same boxers for the past two weeks, you're a smelly arsed prick, lip piercing goth
Nitty arsed yout don't beg for P's
Don't draw me out you stupid sod
Don't gunlean in your vids, you're a wannabe Russ in a broke little market don
Reject yout don't talk about man
Skateboard yout my number one fan
Eyebrow pierced you're from a rock band
You cat my flow to make your shit bang
My bro don't know the prick, you ain't gang
Shout man's name don't lie to your fans
Rap battle where you deluded arse tramp
SK said to 'low you I'm ham (Gang)
Oi, done with this clown man
Uh, you feel me
3-0 man got white washed
Man of the match, where's my golden boot cuzYou might also like

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