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Pooh Shiesty - See Red

And we all wanna be somethin' (Blrrrd)
To help us on our way (Mm, mm, mm, Big Blrrrd)
Together we can face another day

Everybody 'round me see red (Blrrrd, yeah)
Everybody 'round me got one in the head (Blrrrd, yeah, yeah)
Shiesty pulled up shootin', they fled (Blrrrd, dead)
Shiesty pulled up shootin', they was tryna fake dead (Blrrrd, fake dead)
Fuck, girl, lemme touch a lil' bread (Lil' bread, yeah)
Get too mad and I'll pay for some blood to be shed (Yeah)
Nigga, fuck your gang, you hеard what I said (Blrrrd)
'Fore you crossed me you only sleep on a bunkbеd (Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd)
Put this Drac' up, I take the carbine instead
Too geeked up (Geeked), I'm crossin' 'za with the meds ('Za with the meds)
Free Cub, he threw up on the lick, he was scared
He step on shit, be quiet, 'nough said
Shoot first the motto, you know how we play
Them hollow tips hungry, they ate up his leg
I was just droppin' shit, look where it lead
Now I'm in the hills, I can't spell where we stay

I can't go out like I'm Tony (No), you can't sneak up on me
I got the whole world in my hands (World in my hands)
He saw how we treat the opponents (Yup), I'm still undefeated
When we talkin' 'bout an advance ('Bout an advance)
Just like the Migos, I slide when I land (Slide when we land)
We try to spin through, had to body your mans (Body your man)
All of my bitches be too slimed in (Ayy)
When I say come on you, they bangin' you in (Ayy, you in)
Bang with the coolin' kit on the FN (On the FN)
I knew I was gon' catch a body at ten (Blrrrd, blrrrd)
Gotta hop out on feet every time that we spin (Wan' spin)
Wanna get with my gang, cost death to get in (Yeah, yeah)
Try to reach for my chain? You off meth or some med'
Faceshot long range, turn to Steph with the SIG
Keep focus every time, better ask Hi-Tech (Hi-Tech)
Got a day, goin' out like Pac, I'm big (I'm big)
Everybody 'round me buyin' green (Let's go)
And we big C gang, what the fuck you mean? (Blrrrd, blrrrd)
Everybody you know my team (Blrrrd)
Still posted on the block like I'm Yao Ming (Blrrrd, blrrrd)
Chrome Hearts hat with the long sleeves (Long sleeves)
In the Rolls-Royce truck blowin' 'za with some freaks
If I want him dead, I just pay, the shit cheap
Keep one in the head, know LA play for keeps (Yeah)
Just peeped your gang, shit weak (Shit weak)
Can't run it on me, I'm too slimy and neat (No, no)
Ayy, shoutout to TP, he cooked up the beat (Cooked up the beat)
Got some tourists in the hills, y'all niggas try that with me
Been and stood front line, real beef (Blrrrd)
Tryna slide every day, couldn't eat, shit, sleep (Blrrrd, blrrrd)
Get up close on 'em, my technique (Technique)
Gotta buy back the block 'cause I run concrete (I run concrete)

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