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Pooh Shiesty - Back In Blood (feat. Lil Durk)

[Intro: Pooh Shiesty & Lil Durk]
Smurk (Mmm, mmm, big blrrrd, huh?)
I don't know why he want something back from me, shit (Mmm, mmm)
(Turn me up, YC) Shit
Yeah, I give you this shit in blood, homie (Mmm, mmm)

[Chorus: Pooh Shiesty]
Bitch, I got my own fire, don't need security in the club (Nope)
All that woofin' on the net (Net), nigga, I thought you was a thug
They ain't got nowhere to go, I shot up everywhere they was (Blrrrd)
Yeah, you know who took that shit from you (Blrrrd), come get it back in blood (Blrrrd, blrrrd)
Bitch, come get it back in blood (Big blrrrd)
We ain't mask up, no dodger (Nope), rich niggas know who it was (Fuck 'em)
Extortin' shit just like the '80s, want something back, get it in blood (God)
Yeah, you know who took that shit from you (Ayy), come get it back in blood (Big blrrrd, blrrrd)

[Verse 1: Pooh Shiesty]
If your nigga killer ain't dead, you shouldn't wear no R.I.P. shirt (Nope)
Wе had three hundred shots up in the car beforе we picked up Durk (3Hunna)
You niggas who? Ain't got shit goin', go grab a glizzy, get alert (Alert)
Shiesty G post "R.I.P." and reason he in the dirt (On slime, blrrrd, blrrrd)
You gotta know I go too far (Let's go)
It's two O's up on this hundred, one of 'em might stand for O'Block (Blrrrd)
'Bout twenty some shots left up in the K, fifteen still in the Glock (The glizzy)
Keep my door unlocked and stop, I like gettin' on feet, park the car (Stop, stop), blrrrd (Park the car, blrrrd)
We gettin' up close, do him dirty, I ain't showin' love (Nope)
Eleven thousand all ones left my right pocket in the club (On God)
These blue faces up on me dirty, I went and got it out the mud (For sure)
If I took something, get it in blood (Blrrrd), I don't give a fuck what we was (Blrrrd, blrrrd)

Pooh Shiesty enlists Lil Durk for “Back in Blood,” which serves as the lead single off of the former’s debut mixtape, Shiesty Season. They rap about murders around them, boasting about their respective weaponry on this YC-produced song. Also, this song was released on the same day that Durk’s close friend and fellow labelmate King Von tragically died from being shot outside a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia about three hours later. Von was also supposed to be featured on the now-scrapped remix of Shiesty’s July 2020 song, “7.62 God.” The official music video for the song was released on January 2, 2021. It takes place in 6400 block of South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, as a tribute to Von, who was from there. His debut studio album is also titled Welcome to O'Block and was released in October 2020, exactly one week before he died. “Back in Blood” debuted at #93 on the Billboard Hot 100 during the chart week of January 16, 2021. It marks Pooh Shiesty’s first song to hit the chart. During the week ending March 6, it peaked at #13. “Back in Blood” was certified platinum by the RIAA on March 31, 2021.

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