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Polo G - Through Da Storm

Hey big brother, it's me, Leia
Remember at the old house I said you was gonna be a big star one day?
I’m so proud of you
Mmh, mmh, mmh, Polo G
Live in the flesh

Know my grandma still with me, when it get cold, I feel your spirit
Talkin' to my lil' sister, phone calls through Securus
Walk in court in them shackles, see my mama, her eyes tearin’
Tryna work towards these blessings but the devil keep interfering
Everybody go through something, it's all about persevering
They was counting me out, I put passion in every lyric
Fuck a sack up at Neimans, spend some racks on my appearance
Yeah, I know that they hate, I'm the man, ain't tryna hear it

[Verse 1]
Phone on DND, I'm out in Cali whippin' through the mountains
Just cruisin', feelin' my song, windows down, speakers pounding, yeah
My engine roaring and that Gucci tiger growling
Expensive taste, my clothes foreign, I be dripping like a fountain
Need new shoes, I started hustling ’cause I didn’t get no allowance
Speeding down the wrong path, found my lane, then I rerouted
Hottest in my city, I had every record label scouting
I got rich and left the hood, still don't leave the crib without it
Swear it ain’t no better feeling than thumbing through these thousands
So much money, can't keep track, I think I might need an accountant
I been runnin' up that check, them blue hundreds just keep piling
Came a long way from depression, all these riches keep me smiling

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