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Polo G - I Know

(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
(Dmac on the fuckin' track)
(Tahj Money)

Bondin' over drugs and pain, dirty Sprite share
My dawg was one of a kind, I know your type rare
I know life is a bitch and she don't fight fair
How the fuck I wake up from a dream to a nightmare?
Left us behind, you seen that light glare
I know you walkin' up to Heaven on them white stairs
Why I can't just pull up to your crib and see you right there?
Nobody love you 'til you dead, that's when they might care

[Verse 1]
Let's just be friends before we rush into a label
Wanna know if you really fuck with me, girl, what's your angle?
It's only for the better if I'm tryna change you
Lovin' me ain't easy, if you leave, I don't blame you
Trauma got me fucked up, so I'm mentally unstable
I got wrapped up in my emotions, now I'm tangled
Deep in my thoughts and overthinkin' can get painful
Watch how I move, one wrong decision can be fatal
Hidden messages, conversations with my angels
Just walk with me and you'll see I'm tryna save you
Most times I'm by myself, I'm still confused from betrayal
From rags to riches, shit still hard, I'm just on phase two

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