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Polo G - Finer Things

Yeah, I know
You be posted up from Sunday to Saturday night
Started hangin' with the members, then you blew a few pipes
And you gon' do the dash if you see them blue lights
A lot of people dyin' and it's a chance that you might
You got God on your side, but it's hard to do right
Don't pay them haters no mind, you can be what you like
Tryna leave this in the past, grindin' for a new life

[Verse 1]
Hard headed, I grew up resilient
It wasn't no heroes, so we looked up to the villains
For generations, bitch, my side of town been drillin'
We been at war ever since them red buildings
It's hard to make peace once blood get to spillin', ayy
Lil Wooski get to shootin' like he filmin'
Yeah, my friends died too, I know that feeling
I'm poppin' ecstasy to help me with the healin'
Leia and lil' baby my younger siblings
I really love 'em, so I treat 'em like my children
Leilani told me stack them bands to the ceiling
I switched my swag up, can't you tell the difference?
I'm finna feed the whole gang with these millions
I'm finna buy my whole hood with these millions
Girl, if I give you my time, that's a privilege
But I can only give my heart to the realest

On “Finer Things,“ Polo G raps a track about his struggles to find the finer things in life. Polo touches on the difficult times he’s been through, whilst also mentioning how he’s grinding daily to get out of the situation he’s in. “Finer Things” was certified platinum by the RIAA on March 23, 2020.

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