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Polaris - Dusk to Day

I waited for the dawn
I waited for the edge of daybreak
This sinking feeling is keeping me awake
(Is keeping me awake)

I know what lies beneath this waking dream
And what becomes of all our demons
I know I'm suffering in vain
It's just this ordinary life
All the ordinary stress and strain

But when it rains, it fucking pours all over me
No time, no time for anything
No time, no time for anyone

Nights spent staring down the barrel defiantly
Self-destructive, self-contradicting
Every waking moment begins again

Endlessly, my mind is slowly wandering and I'm
Far away, I found my way right back to here in time
Restlessly await the dawn and shut out all the light
Drift away; it's only you tonight

(Every waking moment)

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