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Plies - Shawty (Feat. T Pain)

[Intro: Plies]
Ay, what's happenin homey?
This yo' lil' boy Plies, man (shaw-tay)
Ay Pain, I want you tell 'em bout your shawty homie
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeaaaaaah)
And I'mma tell em bout mine, dawg

[Hook: T-Pain]
Now, even though I'm not yo man, you not my girl
I'mma call you my - shaaaaaaw-ty...
Cause I can't stand to see you treated bad, I beat his ass
For my - shaaaaaaaw-ty...
And we ain't did nothin that we ain't sup'POSED to do
Cause you my - shaaaaaaw-ty... (oh-oh)
Baby girl you know I be home, keep me on the ringtoooone
Shaaaaaaw-ty - sang it to me girl!

Soon as I seen her, shieet, told her I'd pay for it
Lil' mama the baddest thing 'round here, she already know it
I pointed at the donk and told her, "This s'posed to be yours" (ha ha!)
Showed her a couple stacks and told her I'd let her blow it
The hottest nigga in the city baby you can't ignore it
I showed her I was a real nigga n' she went for it
First time I caught her shit, she ain't even kno' how to tho'it back
Now she a animal, I got her sex game right
I taught her how to talk to me while she take pipe
And opened her up and showed her what a real nigga like
I told her, "I'on't usually do this, I'on't fuck on the first night
Cause after I beat ya baby, I'm liable to fuck up ya whole life!"
I gotta train her, now she suck me with ice
I call her my lil' bust-it baby, cause she keep it tight
Whenever I tell her to bust, ain't gotta tell her twice
Whatever I wanna get off, she know how to get me right

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