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Playboi Carti - Right Now (feat. Pi'erre Bourne)

[Intro: Playboi Carti]
Slatt (What?)
(What? What? What?)
(What? What? What?)

[Chorus: Playboi Carti]
Ooh, ooh, now, right now
Now, right now
Now, right now

[Verse 1: Playboi Carti]
I let her count it
Too much to balance, ayy
I can't even balance (Pick it up)
Got a bitch in my palace
And she work at Palace (Ooh, pick it up)
And a bitch at Magic
And she let me have it
She let me smash it
She let me pass it
Baby, no cappin'
I'm on the block, I got the Glock, I'm with the static
I got this bitch all on the pipe just like a addict
I got this bitch all on the pipe callin' me daddy
I'm with the stick, I'm in the 6, I'm in the wagon
I'm in the bitch, I'm in the bricks, I'm in the ashes
I got that white, I got that dope, I got that Asher
Sellin' that soap, sellin' that soap, sellin' that nasty
I'm on the block, just like a po', fuckin' a bandit
I'm on the block, I got them rolls, I got them Benjis
We gotta go, we gotta go (Skrr)
Hop in the Ghost, ooh, then I go ghost (Ooh)

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