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Playboi Carti - Choppa Won't Miss (feat. Young Thug)

[Intro: Young Thug]
Yeah, we ain't wastin' no time
(Yo, Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?)
Slatt, slatt, slatt, woo

[Chorus: Playboi Carti & Young Thug]
Chopper won't miss a nigga (Chopper won't miss a nigga)
Chopper won't miss a nigga (Chopper won't miss a nigga)
Chopper won't miss a nigga (Red dot)
Hundred round drum killin' everybody (Yeah)
Hundred round drum killin' everybody (Red dot)
Chopper won't miss a nigga

[Interlude: Young Thug & Playboi Carti]
Chopper won't, hold on
Red dot
Beep, beep, beep, beep
Rrah, yeah
Hold on, hold on, hold on (Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1: Playboi Carti]
She hop on the dick and she split, huh
Hop on the dick like a bitch, huh
Suck on my dick like a tick, huh (What? What? Uh)
You a copier, yeah, you like to copy shit (Carti)
You wasn't even on the style until Yung Carti popped this shit, bitch
I got hella hoes (Woah)
On some poppin' shit (Woah, woah)
Need a poppin' bitch (Woah)
Need a solid bitch (Woah)
Harder than a brick (Beep, beep)
Choppers on the counter, pints all in the fridge

“Choppa Won’t Miss” is the first collaboration between Playboi Carti and fellow Atlanta rapper Young Thug. On the song, the two exchange bars over an aggressive hook about their hostile sides. This also is not Carti’s first time rapping about weapons, as it was asserted heavily throughout “New Choppa”, one of the lead tracks off his debut mixtape. "New chopper, new chopper, it came with the beam" The track was recorded on May 5, 2017, in the same session as the duo’s unreleased throwaway “Aint Rockin Gold.”

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