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Pixies - Tame

Got hips like cinderella
Must be having a good shame
Talking sweet about nothing
Cookie I think you're

I'm making good friends with you
When you're shaking your good frame
Fall on your face in those bad shoes
Lying there like you're tame

Uh huh huh


Fast-paced and breathy, “Tame” typifies the quiet-loud Pixies dynamic that gave rise to the grunge movement. Musically, the song is based around a basic three-chord progression with three-bar phrases, “as opposed to a more square 16-beat feel that you would hear in a typical pop song” Black Francis told Esquire: "The lyrics of the song are about college girls who lived in my neighborhood in Boston that I found obnoxious or whatever. Probably I found college people in that area obnoxious in general, male and female: drunk college kids strutting around thinking that they’re great and me in my obnoxious way declaring them mediocre." Black Francis, NME, April 1989: "I don’t want to sound like a male chauvinist, but I have a male perspective, because I am male. ‘Tame’ is about women more than men. But the way some men treat their hair it’s incredible and I can’t understand all that deodorant and stuff. I’ve never related to it. My family’s rather spartan."

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