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Pi'erre Bourne - Routine

Aw, shit
(Yo, Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?)

Let's switch positions, stack my commission
Fuck all the bitches, gotta get your riches
Damn, Pi'erre, where'd you find this?
She gave me her digits, shoot your shot like ammunition
Money talk, my pockets critics, yeah
Fuck the check up, yeah, fuck the check up, yeah, fuck the check up, yeah
Private jet us, yeah, new necklace, yeah
They respect us, yeah, 'cause I got my check up, yeah

[Verse 1]
Said I had a nip and tuck, wait
Band-Aid, she got cut, wait
2 M's, I got bucks
Chain on ice, Mighty Duck
When you pullin' up, wait, send a Uber truck, wait
Give 'em all stars like Chucks, Postmate a toothbrush
And my money won't shut up, wait
Money talk too much, wait
Thirty bands on this necklace, she wet as fuck
Now I might know what you want from me
Get high from my lows, it was hard for me
I hurt her soul, I'm so sorry
Yeah, just let her go, these hoes 'round me
She won't understand
I just roll this contraband, think about my fam
She just listen to her friends, watch my Instagram

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