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Pi'erre Bourne - Intro

[Spoken Word: Pi'erre Bourne & Pierre Bourne's Grandmother]
I said hello
I didn't hear nothing
Well, I said hello, so how you doing?
I'm doing good
Where are you now?
I'm in New York right now, and I'm going to Chicago tomorrow
Okay, when you coming back to South Carolina?
Uh, probably at the end of—
Don't you—
At the end of this month, I have to— I'll be in Atlanta, so I'll come down there when I go to Atlanta
At the end of this month?
Yes, ma'am
Okay, now we supposed to be going on a—
'Cause, I'm calling you 'cause I'm trying to—
See, I'm tired of bumming rides, Jordan, I need a car
I don't want no new car, I don't want, I, I don't want no new car and I don't want no, uh
I just want something that cost about twenty-five, maybe twenty-seven hundred dollars
I just— I just want something to drive, honey, your grandmama tirеd of bummin' rides
Okay, I'ma— I'ma talk to my dad about it
I'ma call you right back
I'ma call you right back, Grandma
O— Okay, but call me back on my house phonе
Okay, I'ma call you right back

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