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Phoebe Bridgers - Moon Song

[Verse 1]
You asked to walk me home
But I had to carry you
And you pushed me in
And now my feet can't touch the bottom of you

[Verse 2]
You couldn't have
You couldn't have
Stuck your tongue down the throat of somebody
Who loves you more
So I will wait for the next time you want me
Like a dog with a bird at your door

[Verse 3]
We hate Tears In Heaven
But it's sad that his baby died
And we fought about John Lennon
Until I cried
And then went to bed upset

[Verse 4]
But now I am dreaming
And you're singing at my birthday
And I've never seen you smiling so big
It's nautical themed
And there's something I'm supposed to say
But can't for the life of me
Remember what it is
And if I could give you the moon
I would give you the moon

You are sick and you're married
And you might be dying
But you're holding me like water in your hands
When you saw the dead little bird
You started crying
But you know the killer doesn't understand

In “Moon Song,” Bridgers would do anything for her partner, even attempting to do the impossible of giving them the moon. It follows the theme of giving up oneself for the benefit of the other seen throughout the album, including on following songs “Savior Complex” and “Graceland Too”. Bridgers described it as a song about “the wanting-to-be-stepped-on feeling”: wanting someone to treat you badly because at least they’ll treat you at all. “Moon Song” also sees the establishment of the dog-with-a-bird motif, which will reappear in closing track, “I Know the End”. "I feel like songs are kind of like dreams, too, where you’re like, “I could say it’s about this one thing, but…” At the same time it’s so hyper-specific to people and a person and about a relationship, but it’s also every single song. I feel complex about every single person I’ve ever cared about, and I think that’s pretty clear. The through line is that caring about someone who hates themselves is really hard, because they feel like you’re stupid. And you feel stupid. Like, if you complain, then they’ll go away. So you don’t complain and you just bottle it up and you’re like, “No, step on me again, please.” It’s that feeling, the wanting-to-be-stepped-on feeling."

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