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Pentagon - Shine

[Verse 1: Edawn]
나는 뭐랄까 음
아주 오래전부터 너를 음
조.. 조.. 좋아했었다고 늘
지금 말한다면 뭐가 달라질까요

[Verse 2: Hui]
달라질게 없는 맘을 가진 너는
마치 뿌리 깊은 나무 같아서
신이 곱게 빚은 한 송이의 Flower
사라지지 마 달라지지 마

[Pre-Chorus: YanAn and Jinho]
내가 너를 좋아해도 Nobody knows
다른 여잘 봐도 Nobody's like you
용기가 없어서 I'm sorry
더 맘껏 비웃어 그래 나는

[Chorus: Edawn, Hui, Kino, Hongseok]
너를 사랑하는 찌질이 찌질이
그래 나는 머저리 머저리
난 너한테는 거머리 겉절이
이 세상 너 하나면 돼
Baby I'm only yours (like you!)
I'm only yours, oh no
나나난난나난 결국에 난
난 사랑 앞에선 늘 찌질이

Shine (빛나리) is a song recorded by South Korean boy group PENTAGON. It was released on April 2, 2018, as the title track from the group's third mini album, Positive. The track was written by Dawn, Hui, Yuto, Wooseok and Flow Blow. Shine, and it's mini album Positive were PENTAGON's last comeback with member Dawn. The track was PENTAGON's biggest single, slowly rising through the Melon chart and finally peaking at #16. Due to the slow rise in popularity of the song, the group's promotion for the mini album was extended by two weeks. It also charted at #6 on Billboard's World Digital Songs Chart.