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Pentagon - DO or NOT

[펜타곤 "DO or NOT" 가사]

[Intro: Hui]
I don't care you do or not (Do or not)
상관없어 no matter what you say, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Kino, Hongseok, Wooseok]
말 좀 해봐 좀 do or not
며칠째 또 또 또 똑같아 eh
너의 말을 곱씹어 난
늘 그렇게 다음을 또
I don't care about you
Oh, 밀어내지 또 curling (Curling)
And you look like The Rolling (Stones)
이랬다저랬다 근데 난 정했다가
아무것도 모르는 널 보면 못 믿겠어

[Pre-Chorus: Yeo One]
난 그냥 덤덤 무뎌져 가 점점
Oh, do or not 네 맘대로 하세요

[Chorus: Hui, Kino]
좋다고 하든가 아니면 말든가
딱 지금 정해 do or not
So what? I don't care
나랑 살든가 아니면 말든가
네 맘대로 해 do or not
So what? I don't care

"Do or Not" (stylized as DO or NOT) is a song recorded by South Korean boy group Pentagon, released on March 15, 2021, by Cube Entertainment as the second track and lead single of the group's eleventh extended play, Love or Take written and produced by members Hui and Wooseok, alongside Nathan. The song is a refreshing Pentagon-style song that follows the footsteps of their other songs like "Shine", "Spring Snow" and "Daisy". To promote "Do or Not", Pentagon appeared and performed on several South Korean music programs including Mnet's M! Countdown, KBS's Music Bank, MBC's Show! Music Core, SBS's Inkigayo and SBS MTV's The Show.