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Partyline - Trophy Wifey

What will you do when they come for you?
What will you say when they take you away?
How can it be, why can't you see?
This is what they're doing every day
(I know!)

How many years until common-law in the Commonwealth?
Why did you leave her?
Did you leave her?
What did you leave her?
Why did you leave her with?
How many lives could she have pursued with some other dude, somebody else, anybody else?
'Cuz she needs respect
This ain't no town for girls

How many years did she cook for you
While you sang your beautiful songs
How many years did she stick around
While you glad-hand all day long?
I wanna say, who gives a fuck?
'Cuz marriage sucks
And the Christian soldier ain't getting older
Look at your god he never meant shit to me
How can you say how to live a life?
Go out and buy a wife, cuz you really need her
Then you beat her
A man and a woman, that's what marriage is?

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