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Parker McCollum - Memphis Rain

[Verse 1]
Still remember that crackle that needed laying down
Stain of the glass in the chapel as we laid him in the ground
And feet start shufflin'
Honey mine start runnin'
Yeah I run that Mississippi till my feet in Tennessee ground
Just like he told me

Never pray for change
That old Memphis rain
[Verse 2]
Now my nightmares [? 1:08]
Been keeping me awake
Never knew what the blues could do to a boy that was giving everything it takes
Now the Cadillac's hummin' and my heart starts bumbin'
And there ain't no doubt that there's no way out from everything I've ever wanted
The pills and the pain

Never pray for change
That od Memphis rain

And its gold
I can't roll that its mine
Don't mistake what it takes to lose sight of the line
Cause in time you will find if you do

[Verse 3]
Well they burned down Big Hill
And they marched away
I can still see that old A-Frame kickin' back off of that big lake
I still go there
To the middle of nowhere
It's a lifetime meant to me
Gotta build it up to what it otta' be
Just like he told me
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Never pray for change
That old Memphis rain

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