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I tried to get away, but I feel so lost
I feel so lost
I tried to get away

I tried to get away, but I feel so lost, I feel so lost
I tried to numb the pain, I can't shake it off, can't shake it off
Days keep passing by, I feel like I'm losing time
I can't get you off my mind, no wonder why I am always high
I'm always wrong, I'm never right
I just wanna feel alright, I just wanna feel alive
I'll feel better when I die

I don't wanna come down, she just wanna come 'round
Hide until the sun down
Miss you when you're not around, hate it when you come around
'Cause you only bring me down (Bring me down)
Rolling off an XO
Every time we fuck I like to grab her by the neck, ho
I be off them pills got me feeling like a wreck, I feel like a mess
I got a new bitch, fuck my ex
Don't love that girl just want some sex

And I am so stressed out
Got a lot on my chest (Got a lot on my chest)
I am so stressed, my chest, so much on my chest

Lost depicts poorstacy’s struggle to move on from a relationship that he can’t mentally & emotionally escape. He describes not being able to leave his feelings for the girl behind, leaving him to resort to drugs. poorstacy released Lost to his SoundCloud on Friday June 14, 2019. The song was produced by Nick Mira and Trillogy from the Internet Money Producer Collective who has worked with other big-name artists such as XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD. Lost draws similarities from poorstacy’s OKAY, pulling influence from alternative rock while also mixing in strong elements of hip-hop.