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PNB Rock - fendi (feat. nicki minaj and murda beatz)

[Intro: Nicki Minaj & PnB Rock]
Yo, this is actually, I swear, like, this is really my favorite song
PnB (M-M-M-Murda)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Chorus: PnB Rock]
Shawty got swag, she rocking Fendi, it's all on her boots (All on her boots)
She wanna ride, just like my coupe (Just like my coupe)
She wanna get high, straight to the moon (Straight to the moon)
She wanna get fly, just like a broom (Just like a broom)
Pussy sweet like it's Simply
Ride that dick like a 10-speed
All these bitches gon' envy
I let you push the Bentley
Just so you could fly
She want drip like mine

[Verse 1: PnB Rock]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
New Fendi, I like it, it's grippin' her body, I'm fuckin' her good from the side (Side)
She say that she love me, I say that you cappin', lil' bitch, and you ain't gotta lie (Lie)
I see it all in your eyes (Eyes)
You tryna go public, I already know
I'm already cuffin', I got me a ho
If she find out right now then she killin' us both
You should know
I could put you on drip, introduce you to fashion
Mix it with bougie, a lil' classy and ratchet
Put you in Louis, it's everlasting
My pockets too deep, paper or plastic?
Never seen drip like this
Bet you ain't know I was rich like this
Bet you ain't know it could get like this (Yeah, yeah)

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