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PJ Harvey - Missed

He should not be hid
He's just too big
In a cloud please come down
I'd put stars at your feet
Put mars in your head

Show yourself to me
And I'd believe
I'd moan and I'd weep
Fall silent at your speak
I'd burst in
Full to the brim

Mary lost her head
And let it bleed
Came crying back to me
'my son where's he hid?
Don't deny it
And don't you hide him'

No I've missed him x4

No words
No sign
Mary say
'I'm not lying'
How come he's so big
But good lord he's been hid
Good lord where you hid?

No I've missed him x8

In this song, Harvey might be referencing Mary, Queen of Scots, who was charged with plotting to murder Queen Elizabeth. In 1566 Mary gave birth to her only son James VI and the year after she was arrested by Protestant rebels. She would then be imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle for 19 years. She never saw James again and suffered a particularly gruesome beheading in 1587.

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