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PJ Harvey - C'mon Billy

C'mon billy
Come to me
You know I'm waiting
I love you endlessly

C'mon billy
You're the only one
Don't you think it's time now
You met your only son?

I remember
Lover's play
The car was cold and
We lay in it for days

I remember
The things you said
My little billy,
Come to your lover's bed

Come home
Is my plea
Your home now is
Here with me
Come home
To your son
Ttomorrow might never come

C'mon billy
You look good to me
How many nights now
Your child inside of

Don't forget me
I had your son
Damn thing went crazy
But I swear you're the only one

Come along, billy, now come to me x7
Come along, and come to me.

"C'mon Billy" is the second single released from PJ Harvey's 1995 solo album "To Bring You My Love". Produced, engineered, and mixed by Flood with Harvey as co-producer and engineer, it features the artist on vocals and guitar, John Parish on drums and percussion, Joe Gore on guitar, Sonia Slany on violin, Jocelyn Pook and Jules Singleton on viola, and Sian Bell on cello. The string arrangement is by Pete Thomas. The song is cited as being a clear example of Harvey's sound change since breaking from the PJ Harvey Trio. The lyrics talk about a woman begging for 'Billy' to come home and meet his son. Harvey's singing style has been described as "frantic purrs”. The single has been described as a clear example of Harvey's sound change; critics have stated that it was possibly a "glimpse of the Blues Explosion and Portishead." It peaked at No. 29 on the UK chart, and had moderate airplay there. The accompanying music video shows PJ Harvey as an old-time performer in an old theater-dining setting, described by one scholar as "surreal". There, she attempts to seduce a bald man in the setting while singing the song. The video switches to a version of her in a modern red dress, her face stained with tears. There is a scene with her apparently in her bedroom, on a mattress on a twin-sized bed without sheets, shot from the ceiling. The video eventually shows a home movie of Billy, Harvey (minus her previous make-up) and a baby boy, playing together outdoors in happier times. The Chicago Tribune's Greg Kot described Harvey in the video as a "sadomasochistic dominatrix in blood-red dress". Although the video impressed VH1 executives, they refused to air it because the video was seen as scary and off-putting. Kot wrote that it "blew away everyone in the room and every video aired that day, but was rejected. 'She's amazing,' one VH1 executive remarked, 'and way too good for us.'"

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