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[Verse 1]
Fuck you and your lies and your last goodbyes
You're a victim in your own game, stick it to mister no-name
Pity, anger, guess I don't hold the answer
I can't take my own weight, same yesterday
And it goes round and around (Round and around)
Round and around, a vicious circle
How can it be that this feeling's got a hold of me?

I'm fine
This is the last time
Be free
Someone took these chains off me

And I should be happy on my own
And I don't want to make you feel at home
'Cause I know that when I'm lonely
You'll be by my side
But it's only when I'm lonely
That you seem to make me cry

[Verse 2]
I'm numb, lonely, thought I was the only one
It's hard to find the right words knowing that they'll all hurt
In sync with the sunset, down and I am out for the night
Surrounded by the darkness, tryna find the light
And it fluctuates, I'm infatuated with my fate
In the depth of my sadness, I can't wait to reach that high