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Otep - T.R.I.C.

To all you weak mc's... All you hardcore wannabe's
If you step into the ring be prepared to swing!!... [What??]
Me be the best to impress with dictation?
Too far fetched? Beyond your imagination?

-- Entertain your mental like a viral infestation
I'll rise to the occasion launching an invasion
Words be abrasive -- Joints eye be lacing
Sacrificin mics to ignite the celebration
Xen & Otep -- a volatile combination
It's just amazing, poetically we blazing
Styles be liquid and flow like irrigation
[Time to] -- destroy like revelations!
-- So make the preparation...
Defeat is bittersweet, It's all you'll be tasting
Sounding battle stations - My war face in place
It's the renaissance - Time to switch up and change
The path the paragraphs infiltrate your brain
Total annihilation - Your existence has been erased

T. Are. I. C.
Rising from the ashes to lead the wretched masses

Back to the sufi shack - Defyin all the fascists
I'm david to goliath or delilah to your samson
Words burn with passion -- Mentally enhancin
The satellites in flight - How long before it crashes
Kickin ass like cassius -- Spreadin rhymes like rashes
Falling like avalanches - Crumbled and crushed
My wild womyn get to sinning -- Know the power of us
I'm callin your bluff -- Is it freedom or death?
We're gettin it on in Babylon - Chokin on gods breath
The infinite connects true soldiers alive
The tribe will survive when armageddon arrives


Take no prisoners
The revolution is coming
Cowards beware... Fuck!
The revolution is coming
-- My war serpents rattle when it's time to battle [Mental Midgets]

I got a fist full of shit for you flies to feast
You lost control of your soul 'cause your minds deceased
I'm blastin -- The worlds in ashes -- From the invasion
Unfulfilled satisfactions & chemical reactions
--- every word's annihilation!!
My fate there's no escape -- Life itself is the assassin

Come on!!

... Your suffering will free you

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