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Origami Angel - 666 Flags

Googling how much rollercoasters cost
So someday I can build a Gami Gang theme park
In my backyard, get sponsored by NASCAR
It shouldn't be that hard of a thing to do
So I will make it happen someday

Googling how much medicine I'll need
To stop feeling like everybody fucking hates me
Shouldn't be that much, so I'll go pick up
Couldn't be that hard to do
So I will make it happen someday
It's a long way from here to where I wanna be
But I know that there is nothing stopping me
From being the person that you see on your TV
And it's a long time from now until you'll get to see
A version of me that isn't completely
Destroyed by the war and peace that's playing in my head

But just wait
It's only two more seconds
All these microscopic moments help me feel like I'm not helpless
I'm okay
And I'm trying not to feel so bad for myself
And I'm trying not to bring down anyone elseYou might also like

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