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Oolong - Mount St. Mary

Words or reason
Can't be leaving
I thought I would be the reason
For you to stay out tonight
Believe me I can't stand the fight

And I thought that you could stand me
With all of your sudden gestures
But you lead me home
Alone again and in my room

And I thought that I could find you
On IG but I couldn't find you
I'll never see you again
I wish I had a lot more friends

And I can't talk to you
But I'm the only one in the room
And I wish I had the balls
To walk up to you and say “hello,”

It doesn't matter
She won't like me
How can anyone enjoy me?
I've gotten so drunk
Vomiting I know it's so messed up
I wish I could enjoy the whiskey
Normally I drink 'til ya miss me
When I'm on the floor
Hopefully you can pick me up
Where the fuck did my clothes go?
How'd I end up in this bed?
Who is driving me home?
Still I wonder why I'm all alone
You might also likeAnd I can talk to you
But I'm way too drunk to
And I should stop complaining
And I should stop this drinking

I don't think it's fair to say
That every night ended the same
But that's why I can't stop
This shot is one more chance I've got

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