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One Step Closer - The Reach

Where do you go
When you're living in the shadows
I left myself to blame
I couldn't carry the weight
And I beg
The reach I take

Don't want to plead
I've forgotten what's wrong from what's
Right, won't be consumed by greed

Show me what it means to me
What does this life entail, so close to be
But I question myself everyday
When will this cease the divide
And the truth to find

These hallow walls become so thin
And I'm reaching out to find what hides
Within (I'm reaching out)
Can't escape my mind to hide from this
When you feel alone, nobody seems to care

Don't want to face defeat
Piece by piece it tears down
I can't think, I won't believe
Show me a sign
Show me a sign of what's left that I leave behind
Why does it have to be this way

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