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One Step Closer - I Feel So

When I feel this emptiness inside of me
In my gloomy thoughts this song will ring
But as it’s sung, this place you leave
Has lost its love, won’t remember me
Don’t want to ruin this moment
But what I see is just so sad
Passing through like another day
When I choose to turn the other way
You say
You say
As this earth spins so does the clock that takes us away

Why can’t the future be bright like all those stories say?
Some things you loved, but lost when no feeling remains
I won’t go because you cry for help, but you can’t help yourself
This place you know, sometimes it hides the truth and it let’s people go

With the wind you fly
And I just want to know why
A year of life
In the sun you close your eyes, I feel so

(I feel) Did you question lies (I feel)
(I feel left alone) I wonder if you tried
(I feel) This isn’t home (I feel)
(I feel) When you feel so alone, ((I feel so))You might also like

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