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OmenXIII - I Think It's Time That I Emerge

[Verse 1]
Check it, I'll teach you a lesson, my weapon's my voice
And my voice is my blade
But there's no imitating my brain, you can't fathom the pain
If you tried to inhabit my mind for a moment
You wouldn't, you shouldn't, you couldn't last seconds inside of it
I did it, I admit, I did it all knowing side-effects
Now my affliction's, I suffer from visions of things that were written
But my disposition is meaningless even if I know the sequences
King of the Demons, no stranger to weakness
I've studied the meaning of meanings
Been meaning to see what the reason is
Demon-strate, wait I mean
Demonstrate all of the anguish I feel through the ones that I vanquish
'Cause I am the hated but lacking of hatred or any emotion, commotion, or chatter
Not that it matters, but I've got some matters to tend to
Depending on my mood
I might hit you back, but if not, don't be mad
Understand that I'm not obligated to respond if I am not interested
Or if I'm occupied, like all my time nowadays
See, it's great but the weight of the stress presses into my chest
Life keeps testing, I draw on the paper and don't give it back
I'm through helping out and I'm done giving back
And I can't hold it back
The frustration keeps taking away from the vague little patience my brain had mistakenly left in me
No turning back
It's out of the question
You can't disappoint me if I leave you anything short of expectancy
I am the Reaper, I only bring death
I don't even know what else you'd ever expect of me
If there's a problem, you probably don't want a problem with me
XIII The Reaper, releasing the misery of the obscene
If there's a problem, you probably don't want a problem with me
XIII The Reaper, releasing the misery of the obscene

[Verse 2]
Lapping and lapping and lapping and lapping around you with such repetition
I just brought it back, back for a second for just a few seconds
Concealing your fate with a message
1080 HD and 1080 the wrist with my finger extended
See, OmenXIII is not shy of a menace
I am the half-hearted demi-god, nihilistic from the depths
I brought death and then I made a promise to myself
The misfit, continue to leave my surroundings as lifeless as the place I live
Now my perspectives grim and that's all it will ever be, all of eternity
Bitch, I've been certainly working with urgency
Hurting deservingly anyone irking me
I speak these words, leaving burns, exceed third degree
I stay inside but emerge for emergency
Currently, certainly, perfectly, serving a verse and conserving this currency
Worst of the worst is they say I'm a jerk
Yeah, I'm never concerned if you eat, if you breathe, what you think, what you see
So please don't take it personally, I am the reason you've been losing sleep
Can't keep counting these sheep and expect to see dreams
OmenXIII, still out of your reach

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