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OmenXIII - 00101111 01001101 01001001 01000001

A lot of things change on the daily
Loved ones, lifetimes, ain't no safety
If the world was anything then it would be dangerous
Not 'cause of violence, not 'cause of anger
Bitch, it's nature to have friction, we would not be if we didn't
We would be a single image, no atoms, no civilization
We have love so we have pain, no one's perfect, we make mistakes
When the urge we feel's too great and emotions get in the way
Believe me, I've made my own, but that's life so don't let it drown you
The flood is still coming down, if you don't swim it will surround you
If your demons are in the water, there's no hope of getting out
When you're screaming at the top of your lungs, but there's no one that you could reach out to
There's nobody there in the end, but you are so that's your best reason
To believe in just yourself, other options are for the weakened
Don't prospect on other people, they're not you so they can't be you
You can try but you can't be them, be like them and you'll be seeing
The results of mimication, forsaken by other people
No god can save you from death, if one could then that would be evilYou might also like

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